Classroom Training

This class provides vital information on topics such as the principles of food safety management and how to use those principles to create a food safety culture. It also provides information about how to identify and avoid different contaminants; the importance of cleaning and sanitizing; latest information on reportable diseases; guidelines to follow before, during, and after an inspection.

  • Uses instructional design focused on improved learning/retention
  • Aligns with American Culinary Federation Education Foundation competencies
  • Includes an all-new instructor guide and companion classroom materials
  • Conforms to the 2015 FDA Food Code Supplement
    Daily Agenda
    Chapter 1: Managing Food Safety and Training
    Chapter 2: Biological Contamination
    Chapter 3: Other Sources of Contamination
    Chapter 4: Handling Food Safely
    Chapter 5: From Purchase to Service
    Chapter 6: Facilities and Equipment
    Chapter 7: Cleaning and Sanitizing
    Chapter 8: Pest Control
    Chapter 9: Legal Requirements, HACCP and Inspections